Saturday, December 15, 2012

IFFK 2012

The seventeenth edition of International Film festival of Kerala  (IFFK 12)had come to an end yesterday at Nishagandhi open air auditorium .

As a part of IFFK 12 authorities had set up a replica of Roosevelt theater ,London which screened Alfred Hitchcock's  'The Ring ' at Kanakakunnu palace premises,Trivandrum.

Friday, December 7, 2012

International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK-12)

 The main venue of the IFFK 12festival.Kairali,Sree and Nila theates (Picture above)

IFFK 12 Festival office(Picture below)
The 17 edition of the International Film Festival of Kerala  (IFFK-12) has begun  at Trivandum ,today.It will come to full circle on December 14.There are eleven venues for showing films.Around 500 films are expected to be shown in this festival.There will be five screenings  in all theaters each day.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A trip to Tiruvalla

Recently I made a trip to Tiruvalla.It is around 124 kilometers away from Thiruvananthapuram,the place where I live.

On my way to Tiruvalla,I got down at  a small town Kottarakara to visit famous Kottarakkara Sree Mahaganapathi kshetram (Temple). The temple is a Hindu pilgrim centre.It is one of the ancient and most important Maha Ganapathi (Lord Ganesha) Temple in Kerala. Kottarakkara Sree Mahaganapathi kshetram is located 64 away from Thiruvananthapuram on way to Tiruvalla.(The Picture below is  of Kottarakkara Sree Mahaganapathi kshetram (Temple)

 On my way,I also paid a visit to Parumala church.Parumala church has the Tomb of St. Gregorios (Parumala Thirumeni,the first  Christian saint of India),  belonging to the Indian Orthodox Church(Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church) and Syriac Orthodox Church. It is a Christian pilgrimage centre.(The Picture below is  of Parumala Church.)

Parumala church is situated on the banks of river Pamba.The Pamba(also called Pampa river) is the third longest river in the state of Kerala. Sabarimala  temple,a famous hindu pilgrim centre is alsolocated on the banks of the river Pamba.((The Picture below is of Pampa river.)

 After a journey of three hours I reached  Tiruvalla.
Tiruvalla is a   big town located in Pattanamthitta in the State of  Kerala in South India,.It is the biggest commercial center in the district of Pattanamthitta.
 Almost every leading bank in the country has a branch here. The town has the largest number of ATMs of different banks in the entire state. It is commonly said that at least one member from each family there will be working in a foreign country  mostly in USA,UK,Germany,UAE and other gulf countries.

Here I wish to publish pictures of St .John's cathedral ,which is situated at the heart of Tiruvalla town.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fruits of labor

Fruits of labor are sweet,even if it takes long.Don't you think so?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Agnikavadi at Ulloor Temple

Agnikavadi is the most difficult Kavadi-offering. With the Kavadi hanging on his shoulders, the devotee walks through a pit of burning coals. The devotees all around the pit sing hymns in praise of the Lord. The beating of the drums and the burning of the incense make the entire atmosphere awe-inspiring. The real devotee gets into a state of ecstasy and easily walks over the fire. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jaivasree fest.

The five day Jaivashree Fest with the message, 'Safe food, Save Life' was inaugurated at Kanakakunnu Palace ,Trivandrum on 23 -September-2011.The fest will conclude on September 27th.