Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vijayadashami day-Children initiated to learning


Preparation of feast

Idly (Rice cake)



  1. i love this post!!! hey deep this is like a children´s day? cause here also was children´s day in 12/october,but no exist anyone initiated...if you can explaim me better...kiss in heart your blog are great dear!!god bless you!

  2. Hi Deepak What a beautiful pictures. A whole ceremony to intitiate children. What a wonderful way to start learning

  3. This is a beautiful ceremony.
    Certainly great experience for this little boy..
    I like the festive décor inside the temple
    and this view in the corner of the beautiful nature.
    I wonder how old is the little boy
    and whether in this important ceremony
    attending only the family of the child?
    Do this man, holding a child on his lap
    is boy's father?

    This little boy is so beautiful.

  4. @Ione-Thank you Ione.

    @Marya-thank you Marya

    @Krystina- The boy may be around 3 yrs old.It is by this age we initiate a child to learning.the man who is holding the boy in his lap is his father.