Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My concern about future...

Scientific advancements are taking world to new levels.But I feel that these advancements will destroy the natural beauty.Will mobile towers occupy the place of trees in the future?(Image taken from my terrace)


  1. Thank you Deepak for your answer about elephants. I understand and completely agree with this theory.
    Even I can say that I like this way of worship - "Elephant as a sacret animal",
    although not many understand its basics.

    Kevin should be in December to finish chemotherapy, but his parents decided about half a year earlier. Doctors did not protest, ... they are experiencing. Nothing is for sure.
    Now, Kevin started going to school (a kind of kindergarten).
    He is five years old.
    He is full of energy. You can look in your free time on YouTube.
    He had his first mini-concert in front of an audience.(small audience)
    Generally he is very shy.

    Thanks, that you asked.

  2. What a beautiful view you have from the terrace. Trees are the lungs of our mother-land.
    I think that the future of our planet requires an immediate response.
    If the trees will disappear, the human will disappear also.

  3. in the south of the Netherlands there is at least one mobile phone tower that's build and painted as a tree.

  4. Happy to see you come back after a very long time... How are you? I posted a comment in your old blog.. take care... By the way, thanks for your comment... :)

  5. Not following the diet yet... Will try to... But really felt some peace within after doing this. Did u do BSP too?

  6. Krystina-I am happy that Kevin is healthy now and he has given his concert.Please send me the link,I am very eager to watch it.
    I will post pictures of 'seeveli' soon.

    Aryan-Oh MyGod.News is really Alarming.

    Kalpana- I am fine.Thank you for the visit.